Wall Tiles

We have very many examples of  wall tiles, suitable for every application, on permanent display. Here are a small selection, in no particular order...

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Floor Tiles

Here is a small selection of what we have on display in the Store...

Floor1 Floor2
Floor3 Compass
This one is pre-assembled on a gauze backing


Novelty Tiles

ducks ducks2
brolly These are very popular with children, we have found.


Three Graces

The Three Graces

A novelty item, but with a classical theme

Associated products

And, finally, we mustn't forget all the supporting materials and products associated with tile installation and maintenance...

We have tile spacers, grouts, waterproof grouts, sealant mastics, tile sealants, excess grout removers, waxes, polishes, waterproofers... everything you need.

Tile stuff

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